Thursday, June 5, 2008

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There's nothing more vital to the 21st century human than his internet routine. The internet is all about convenience. Just like with watching TV: nobody wants to have to actually get up out of their seat to change the channel "manually" anymore; so, the remote was created, and then lost in your couch cushions. Now, nobody wants to have to actually pick up the remote and flip through TV channels to get their news and entertainment. What a hassle. I want what I want when I want it, right? I mean, if Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where the heck is the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked? Alright, enough alliteratory rhymes (that's not a real genre).

Like I was saying, the internet just plain rules. I can't get enough. Everything I know I learned on the internet. If I have a question I just go to If I want to laugh, I'll search for .wav clips from my favorite movies and TV shows; Tommy Boy, Billy Madison, and the Simpsons. These are great for mix CDs. Usually I like to stick a few laughs in between my pop punk. For example, I'll make a cd that goes like this: Whippernsapper, Slick Shoes, Dogwood, Vroom, Ralph Wiggum clip from the Simpsons, back to Whippersnapper, etc. I'll also tend to turn up the CD in my car at the funny sound clips if I have passengers in my car, just to show off.

Don't worry if you didn't recognize any of those bands in the last paragraph. This is premium underground stuff. You just need to get your hands on Songs From the Penalty Box, Vol. 3 and turn the clock back to when you were in 9th grade, and maybe, just maybe, you'll appreciate it.

So, here are the sites I like to go to for my different online needs:

Sports (mostly NFL): (Kornheiser and Wilbon's video podcast)



Politics: (just found out about this today, but I already love it)

Movie reviews and news:

Asian movie reviews and news:

Music reviews:

Profiles of celebrities and news anchors I have crushes on:

Cables: (thank you, John Colonna)

Funniest internet show:

Tech reviews:



Blogs for keeping up with loved ones oversieze:

Hotness rating:

Captain Picard rap song:


Anyone who is planning to run a blog to keep friends and family updated on life needs to buy this: the Flip Video Mino. It's tiny; fits right in your pocket. And it takes an hour of video (2GB). The video quality is surprisingly good, and the mic picks up sound nicely. Also, it's got a USB jack that flips out of the side so you can plug it right into your computer. It's easy to use (big red button on the back does it all) and not too expensive ($179). The Mino just came out, but I had an opportunity to mess around with the previous version last week. Here's a video of me toying around with it...

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LordOption said...

Wow good one, you rock!

Good video quality there how much are the flip's?

This is the now with internet and on demand media oh what those the future holds, it thrill me to think about it.

Hope you enjoy your week now in on enjoy your week do for my. "WE DO"