Sunday, July 20, 2008

hire greg

My good friend Greg was asked to make a minute-long video resume for a website called, which is built for job-searching using video. Greg's video will be used as a template. The professional that Greg is, he knocked it out of the park. The video (apart from its poor quality) is well done and has just the right amount of humor to attract attention, but not away from Greg's qualifications. I'd hire him:

Greg inspired me. I decided to use his video as a template for my own video resume. I gave it my best shot, but making the video only made me realize one thing; maybe I'm not exactly ready for the real world...

Also, here's a video of Greg as a kid (he used to want to be a cop).


ruthie said...

my favorite post yet!!! keep it up. love the work shirt in the background. greg--- watch out, HR Recruiters like myself will be all over you in minutes. btw, are you interested in a children's counseling position at a non-profit in norfolk?

Marvin M., Stihl Inc. said...

"don't worry i can still do buis-cas"
the only upside to this disease we share is the minimum amount of time it takes to go from beach to office.