Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yeah, I'll have a Fenti cafe latte, thanks.

Wait, there's a Pizza Hut too?? Let's go in!

Imagine our surprise when we walked up to the building hoping for a cup of Ctarbucks coffee and a slice of pizza, and we noticed that the lovely set-up inside is really just a lovely picture on the outside. There's no restaurant through these locked doors. There's literally nothing inside this building. The face of this building is a facade, really. A security guard from the neighboring parking lot saw us tugging on the locked doors and he walked over to help us. All he did was wave his hand and shake his head. When we asked questions, he shrugged his shoulders and returned to his post.

On second thought, I'm glad there's no real restaurant inside. Though they may look like pepperonis, I can't see Neaples being a good pizza topping.

Unrelated incident.